We really want you to love the video(s) we create for you, but we also want you to enjoy the process of working with us. 

Video is a fast growing/popular field right now, and we all have differnet ideas of what "Video Production" is. We've decided to be pretty intentional though about what we do in the world of video.

We focus on things that help market your brand... like corporate brand videos, commercials, music videos, promotional pieces, short films, etc. We're a creative group of people, so almost everything we do is produced in a controlled environment with scripts, sets, crew members, actors, etc. Another thing we do really well is live video for large events, but we have to be honest and let you know that what we don't do is occasions like weddings, personal parties, etc. There's nothing wrong with them, it's just not our calling. We know what we're good at and that's what we're comitted to focus on.

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AJ Parker founded AJ Parker Media in 2006 and since then it has grown into a company that serves businesses and individuals nationwide from as far away as California and as close as our neighbors down the street. Our commitment to excellence has helped the company to grow and is now a premier resource for businesses around the United States for high quality video. 

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Our Values

We expect the following from our crew on every project

  1. Do everything for the glory of God
  2. Always strive for excellence
  3. Listen and learn from those around you
  4. Exceed expectations
  5. Fulfill your role with passion

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