Front Page News in Dahlonega

We filmed our part of our 2014 Christmas music video at a toy store in Dahlonega and the local newspaper featured us on the front page.
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Created Ruin: An Interesting Group to Film With

Filming with these guys is always an interested experience. Check out this behind the scenes video from the shoot to see what I'm talking about.
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Filming 'Teardrops Dry' with Ally Lindeen

I remember the lunch meeting when my good friend Mark Dowdy (Rivercrest Music) asked if I'd be up for filming a music video for one of his newest artists, Ally Lindeen.
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How We Handle Audio on the Set of a Music Video

Here's an overview of how we like to handle audio on the set of a music video. Learn how all of the different shots and elements are synced together behind the scenes to make the production process as seamless as possible.
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Creating 'The Dream Life'

Last Fall we shot and commercial for our friends at Exovations and they called again this year requesting some new ideas for this year's spot. I pitched three ideas and they immediately fell in love with a concept called "The Dream Life"...
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